What is sexy?

I’ve seen lots of posts on the internet lately boldly claiming that;

which for me personally is a blessing as I for one will never be mistaken for being skinny 😉

However as today is “Wolf Whistle Wednesday” my blog post focuses on the “stronger sex” and as far as I know a strong man has always been considered pretty sexy – their strength also comes in handy with helping bring in all the grocery bags 😉

I have noticed a greater number of men in the younger age bracket seem to be aiming for the skinny look. I guess it has something to do with skinny jeans “being in”, but in my (humble) opinion when I think of a man …

And apparently Reebok agrees with me ..

And considering that Rich Froning Jnr is currently crowned “The Fittest Man on Earth” after winning the 2011 Crossfit Games I guess it doesn’t get much sexier!

He doesn’t have a problem with his strength either ..

And I do love a man in Oakleys *sigh*

You may want to watch the man in action. I loved watching the crossfit games – I want to be Annie Sakamoto when I grow up!


Till next time

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3 Responses

  1. Jen says:

    whit wooooo!!

  2. Donloree says:

    Oh wow, I want to be her too! 😀

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