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In the Two on Tuesday post, I said if you had any questions to fire away and I would do my best to answer them.

I’m going to take some time to answer the first one today, which was ..

Now .. be prepared to be bored … and please remember that I’m on a get ready for competition food plan.  Although when I’m off season I eat pretty much the same during the week, but relax a little on the weekend which helps keep my weight stable while letting me enjoy some of the “finer things in life”.

Right lets get into it.

I start my day with some supplements before heading out the door for my first cardio session of the day.


Fat burners, Magnesium and Glutamine

After cardio, I head to work, have a shower, get dressed then grab breakfast of 1/4 cup oats made up with water with 5 grams of slithered almonds thrown in after wards and a Balance WPI protein shake, also made up with water. I sometimes swap out the oats for toasted rice wafers (yum .. its just like having popcorn .. well kind of)



Calories 237, Protein 33 g, Carbs 22 g, Fat 5 g.

Next up is morning tea which is about 2.5 hours after breakfast.  This meal consists of 1/2 large can of chilli chop chop chicken and 3 corn thins.


Calories 189, Protein 19g, Carbs 14g, Fat 5 g

Onto lunch (another 2.5 hours later) .. this meal changes quite alot, I get bored eating the same thing every lunchtime.  So it alternates between chicken and veg, chicken and salad or some type of egg/egg white omelet.  I usually chuck in some form of carb at this meal, which could be rice, kumara, corn thins or rice wafers.

Todays lunch was one egg, 4 egg white omlette with 20g pink salmon and two toasted rice wafers.


Calories 257g, Protein 26g, Carbs 18g, Fat 7g

Yet another 2.5 hours later its time to refuel again!  Afternoon tea (which is the meal I eat before heading to training) is a protein shake and half an apple (its usually two rice wafers, but I felt like something sweet today).


Calories 146, Protein 27g, Carbs 11g, Fat 0g

After weight training I head home and prepare dinner (I eat dinner quite early 5.30ish with the kids).  This meal is usually always the same, I just swap chicken with steak sometimes.  Today it was chicken and veges stir fried and then I threw in a small handful of nuts.


Calories 249, Protein 25g, Carbs 7g, Fat 9g

After dinner, I spend time with the kids .. then I pack my gym bag for the morning while they are having a bath and prep any food that I need for the next day.  After the kids are bathed, we pop them into their pjs and I take them out for a walk for my second cardio session.  If its raining or the kids are playing up I have the option of doing cardio at home on the treadmill, crosstrainer or bike (or I can go out and walk alone and get away from the noise lol)

At about 7.30-8.00 I have my final “meal” which is usually a shake.  When I am quite far into comp prep and HUNGRY (as opposed to just hungry), I sometimes make protein pancakes which are basically whipped egg whites and protein powder because eating something always seems to fill me more than drinking something.


Calories 110, Protein 27g, Carbs 1g, Fat 0g

So thats the day in the life of me. I told you it would be pretty boring 😉

Total Calories 1208, Protein 157g, Carbs 73g, Fat 27g.   I also drank about six bottles of water.

I told you it would be pretty boring 😉

Oh and I have news … they postponed my comp!  So I have an extra 3 weeks up my sleeve .. I was quite bummed when I found out since I was all geared up and had a date, but I suppose things like this happen and I will just stayed focused and hopefully I will cruise into the finish line instead of worrying I wont make it on time!

Till next time (when I promise it will be more riveting)

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  1. Cool – thanks for sharing. I always find the details of what people eat so interesting.

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