This is becoming a habit!

Yep, that would be nearly five days in a row I’ve posted … only 11 more days and it will be a newly formed habit!  Apparently (I picked up this tidbit in my fitness travels), it takes two weeks of doing something before it becomes a habit, hence the reason the first two weeks of getting up at stupid o’clock are so hard. 🙂


Stupid oclock already?

So .. its hump day, which means Ive done two days weight training this week with my new training partner Sureya.  She has successfully competed numerous times and is aiming to make her big comeback in September this year.   The girl is a machine!  Last night we did back (and yep I rocked my straps) 😉 we did good and gosh our bodies were crying sweat!  Although the high temperature and humidity has a lot to do with that!

Today I train with my Miss Jo .. she kills my legs, so for those of you who have been complementing me on my leg development lately, I have to give all the credit to her!   For those of you who are not lucky enough to get to train with her in person, she has developed the “Bootylicious” routine which you can purchase from her.  Go and check it out.



Well I know that you are all reading patiently thinking .. hey its Wednesday, enough talk .. show me the “money”, so for those of you who are now thinking “She can read minds too?” (which I can, its a skill you develop when you bear children), here it is ..

In honor of my American Friends and their seemingly undying passion for a sport called American Football this weeks Wolf Whistle recipient is a Football player.

To be fair, he wasn’t in a team that played in this weeks Superbowl, but apparently those players like to look like Grizzly Adams, and that isnt really my cuppa 😉

So here is Tom Brady

Tom Brady - off the field


Tom Brady - In uniform

The extent of my knowledge of him is ..

  • He is a quarterback
  • He is 33 (the same age as my husband)
  • He is married to Giselle
  • And he got two women pregnant in quick succession (I picked that up from watching E News) lol.

So my deed for today is done.  I did however get some questions yesterday and a “special request/challenge” which I am working on today, I’m going to post the results tomorrow for you all to check out.

Till next time (when you may just see the most boring post in the world)

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  1. Donloree says:

    I love the habit and Jo’s arms. Wowsa! You have quite the trainer. 🙂

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