ABC’s of Me (part two)

Last Friday I started on the ABC’s (of me) going through letters A-F.

Today I present to you part two (of four) covering G-L and FYI it took me an entire week to come up with the majority of these!

This exercise is so much harder than I thought it would be!

G – (Gym) I used to belong to three and although I held onto my last gym membership for quite some time after I really needed to, I finally gave it up a few months ago and since then I’ve done all of my training at home (or outside, if I’m running).  If you’re wondering – I still get up at stupid o`clock to train, although I do get an additional 60 minutes in bed as I don’t have to drive anywhere (or look presentable). 😉

H – (Homebody) Perhaps it’s because I’m a cancer

“It’s no surprise that Cancers are very attached to their homes. Like hermit crabs, they cannot survive without a home to call their own. It keeps them grounded and makes them feel safe.”

I definitely prefer to stay home and “recharge” than go out anywhere, unless of course it involves dessert .. then, I’d be torn.  Home would probably still win though, especially if I could talk James into going out to get some dessert and bringing it back to me.

I – (Isabelle) my first born;

Then – Cried a LOT, hated going to sleep.

Now – Crying has mostly been replaced with “Argh!  Elias!  Muuuuum, Elias is (insert suitable 6 year old boy annoyance)” but to this day, still hates going to sleep.  Does however love anything pink, art and the forest – this shot was taken on her favorite track in the Waitakere Ranges (Whatitiri Track).

J – (James) Husband and hotter half;

And by hot I mean in quite the literal sense it’s like having a hot water bottle in the bed, but much bigger and less squishy. When he moved here from the UK he was constantly hot and we must have looked quite the pair during NZ winters as he wandered around in his board shorts and t-shirt and I was wrapped up like I was off to the Artic.

Years later and he’s finally acclimatized so at least he will now wear a hoodie in Winter, just not his favorite one, because well I tend to be wearing it. 😉

K –  (Kazan II)

I have a thing for shoes (and bags) but mostly shoes and I’ll readily admit I’m pretty impressed I still only have one pair of trail shoes, (Mizuno Kazan II’s) even though I constantly have to dry them out. I prefer them to my road running shoes and I am seriously considering running in them next time I road run, after all trail shoes do much better on the road than running shoes do on a trail … just think of the $$’s I could save if I only owned one super comfy pair of running shoes!

L – (Long socks)

I’ve been wearing long socks for what seems like forever and even though I have fancy dri-fit running socks that are supposed to keep me blister free (they don’t by the way), I still just prefer my knee highs. Lately I’ve just been wearing my normal socks when I run and I haven’t had a problem (well bar the knee, but what socks I wear wouldn’t have any bearing on that) and as I tend to run in a skirt (or shorts) the long socks protect my legs from gorse/flax/trees, keep me warm and as a bonus look cute.

Till next time





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