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I went to my first crossfit competition to cheer for the athletes that I trained alongside a few months after starting crossfit. It was fun and I enjoyed watching the clean ladder (in fact I still enjoy watching ladders the most).

Throughout my first year of crossfit I went along and supported my “box mates” at various competitions. Each and everytime I’d find myself bemused at seeing what I would consider RX athletes competing in the scaled divisions.

I remember watching one competition and turning to my coach and querying “Why are they competing scaled when they train RX at the box?” he turned to me and smiled “I don’t know”.

I get that it’s a “competition” and all, but really? Just because I can beat Elias (my nearly 5 year old) in a running race, doesn’t mean I do, because that wouldn’t be fair – right?

See, here’s the thing. After a year of crossfit I’d be a true scaled competitor BUT I’d have to go up against all those people who have been competing for some time as scaled competitors (and probably training RX) but don’t feel ready to move up.

I read this awesome quote that I wish the long term “scaled” athletes would ponder;

“I’m not sure I’ll ever completely be ready for Rx. There are a few movements I am working toward (and by a few, I really mean many). But at a certain point, competing in a scaled competition when I’m on the verge of Rx will feel disingenuous. Muscle ups and handstand push-ups aren’t in my repertoire, but I’d rather finish last than take the joy away from a scaled competitor who should have finished higher but didn’t because I was too afraid to push myself.”

I  find myself facing (somewhat) the same decision every day – do I play it safe, or do I go for it?

You see my current skill set and strength level falls somewhere between Intermediate and RX, so I can decide to take the easy option OR I can push myself knowing I probably won’t make the time cap, BUT I may come close.

Some mornings I take longer to decide than others, let’s use Tuesday mornings Nasty Girls as an example

  • RX 50 air squats, 7 muscle ups, 10 hang cleans 42.5 kg
  • Int 50 air squats, 7 chest to bar pull ups, 10 hang cleans 30 kg

I can’t muscle up, so I had no choice but to select C2B however a 30 kg hang clean is rather light.  But a 42.5 kg hang clean is heavier than I’ve ever lifted before.  I loaded the bar and checked I could actually hang clean 42.5 kgs successfully and I could, but it was heavy.

Then as G was walking around the room checking everyone had their stations set up, he pointed to me and enquired “ready Julz?” in that split second I decided I’d just go for it and answered in the affirmative.

Although Nasty Girls is 3 rounds for time, we had an 11 minute cut off (which I didn’t make) BUT I was stoked anyway, I cleaned 42.5kgs (two rounds of 10) AND I strung butterfly C2B’s together!  189 reps in total, I’ll take that with a smile knowing I worked hard for every rep.

I think going RX is a lot like having kids, if you wait until that point where you think you are completely ready it’ll never happen …

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