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66.2 kgs - Ten Weeks Till Competition (excuse the fat white legs lol)

66.2 kgs

10 weeks till competition day.

Had measures today and this time it was a good reading.  Down 2kgs and thankfully its all fat .. muscle remained exactly the same 🙂  The best thing was, that looking back on past measurements I’m at the same percentage at 10 weeks that I was when I competed at the Aucklands last time, so I’m feeling much more “on track” now.  So how did I go from losing minimal fat and loads of muscle to losing all fat and no muscle?  Well I ate more and did less cardio .. sometimes less is actually more!

Things are up in the air in regards to the actual competition format, will we do routines or not .. are the figure girls going to do compulsory poses or not .. who knows, but its best to be prepared, so I will finalize some music and nut out some choreography (although I still haven’t decided on what music I’m using, so I need to move that up the to do list!)

Otherwise, competition wise, things are getting done .. Ive ordered two bikinis from Style on Stage … Ive done a make up course and learnt how to apply stage make up, Ive also ordered the Bobbi Brown Make Up Bible which has step by step guides, so I’m going to practise that too as I’m competing on a budget now that I have four mouths to feed instead of the one (mine) I used to feed last time I competed lol.  The other big cost is having your hair done on the day, I havent quite decided what Im going to do about that.  One competition I wore a hair piece which I think I could do by myself, but I need to add that to my to do list as well.  Thats one big list!

Till next time xox

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