65.2 kgs

9 weeks to go …

First up I would like to wish you all a happy and healthy easter!   Now back to me me me 😉

Lets start off with the highs …

I’m down a kilo (yay) and at the moment my training consists of cardio in the morning and weight training after work .. and thats it!  Huge change from when I last competed, but at the moment its working, so I’m not ready to change a winning formula just yet.

I’ve got music, the best recording studio in Auckland (York Street Recording) cut it for me .. one of the perks of my job!   I spent Friday night with my ipod on out in the garage trying to nut out some choreography, did approx 39 seconds, which is a good start.  Saturday night I had another go and changed some things up and probably got another 5 seconds, so slow progress, but I’m getting there.

I’m getting stronger and I’m pretty sure I’m carrying more muscle than when I last competed too .. so if I can just hold onto it during these last few week I will be extremely happy.

So, onto the low points;

My training partner Lavinia seems to be having a hard time of it, not sure why but we have an Easter Lunch today as amazingly on one of our morning walks we realised that her Aunty and my parents are great friends, so we set up a “date” for them to eat, drink and be merry, while we watch and eat chicken 😉 so I’m sure we will have a heart to heart and hopefully I can nudge her into the right direction.

Training has been pretty boring as we haven’t seen our Eye Candy all week (actually it could be longer) .. it seems like forever ago .. maybe he was a figment of my carb deprived brain!

Anyway .. here are this weeks pics, till next time xox

3rd April 10 - 65.2 kgs - 9 weeks to go

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