Ups and downs

Weigh in day, stepped on the scales with huge hopes, but only lost 400 grams, was dissapointed after all the big losses Ive had so far, but I have to put my realistic hat on and realise a loss is a loss no matter how small, its still heading in the right direction!

Today was also day two of week one of the C25 so off I headed to the stadium .. I should have been worried that my knee hurt while I was walking, it REALLY hurt during the running segments, but I kept at it .. just very slow jogging, but I figured it was better than no jogging. Because I was so dissapointed in my running, I punished myself with going up and down the stadium stairs three times (and yep that hurt too).

So, I get home and my knee REALLY hurts .. im really pissed off and im just hoping it gets better by Sunday which is my next scheduled run (and the final one of week one). Im even contemplating breaking out the tramadol that they gave me after my c section *sigh*

Food was clean (yay), Im eating every three hours .. and im hungry just before that, so I think the eating is about right, thankfully its warming up as I had a gorgy chicken salad today for lunch, it makes a change from the winter food I have been having.

Right .. will go watch Australian Idol then hit the sack .. hopefully I wake up tomorrow feeling amazingly good (actually I will settle for just being able to walk without going ow ow ow)

Till next time





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