Bloody Murphy

So Murphy raised his ugly head! Just when I was getting into the swing of things, Murphy thought he would throw a spanner in the works and give me a sore knee, in fact it feels like Murphy got the aforementioned spanner and smacked me in the side of the knee with it! Grrr!

So Ive taken today “off” and will concentrate of weight workouts this week until my knee is up to doing some cardio, im contemplating going down to the pool if by Wednesday my knee still isnt strong enough to at least do some decent walking.

Anyway .. here are todays photos, cant see much of a change yet though.

Will make sure my food is extra extra clean during this time because im not getting any real cardio in until my knee can at least hold me up to walk without going ow ow ow .. bloody hell that hurts! lol

At least im really enjoying the yummy healthy food, it takes a little bit of planning to ensure that ive got all the things I need in the house to eat properly, but it helps keep me on track, if there is nothing healthy to eat in the house I get grumpy and just eat any old crap.

Anyway to show you how yummy my food is .. here is what I had for lunch.


Shredded chicken that I cooked in the slow cooker (so super soft) with mesculin salad (yep im pretty lazy in that respect), some sliced capsicum, a small handful of pumpkin seeds and a few cashew nuts, then I just drizzle two teaspoons of lite french dressing and viola a healthy and yummy lunch all prepared in less than five minutes!

Right, well its a long weekend and DH and I are having “Mummy and Daddy time” which tonight involves watching Raise of the Lycans although its intermission at the moment as the littlest member of the family wanted his final feed for the night, bless him.

Going to the gym tomorrow afternoon, fingers crossed Murphy doesnt decide to drop a weight on my foot!

Till next time





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