There is an animal in all of us

I was discussing Miss 5 with Kat sometime back and I explained how she was progressing (albeit slowly) with her skipping prowess, I somewhat jokingly said;

“She’s a lot like a baby Giraffe, she seems to have trouble controlling her long limbs”

Kat shook her head knowingly and said “Yes! She is very much a baby Giraffe”

Although to be fair, neither one of her parents excels in skipping, so maybe it’s just the luck of her genetic draw. 😉

Since then whenever I’ve referred to Miss 5’s resemblance to a baby Giraffe, each and every person has nodded in agreement completely understanding the reference.

For those of you who don’t know Miss 5 in real life and have only seen photos of her from my blog posts, here is a clip of her at CrossfitHPU so you can see her in action.

I then wondered what the rest of my family (including myself) would be ..

Master 4 wasn’t as easy to define, at least not aesthetically.  But after watching him interacting with others it became obvious to me that Master 4 would be a dog, more specifically a puppy that isn’t quite fully trained.

He’s eager and has an abundance of energy and he even constantly jumps up and down while pawing at your legs for attention like a puppy would.  But he also possesses the best trait a dog has; Master 4 is sensitive to the needs of others and extremely affectionate.

Master 4 being a puppy would make sense because in the animal kingdom I’d be an adult dog, in fact I’d be a bulldog.

For I am short, stocky, somewhat muscular and resolute.

That just left J ..

He was much harder which is why although I had the idea for this blog post weeks ago, I’m only just getting to the actual blogging part.

Then yesterday I did a draft post and it contained the following paragraph;

J is tall with an athletic build coupled with a speedy metabolism that keeps him leaner than the less than stellar diet he consumes should afford him.  And how can I say this in the nicest possible way? …

Well – he can be a tad lazy, he doesn’t had that “inner drive” (that’s become my job, although if you ask him, he would probably refer to my “motivation” as nagging).

That’s when I came to the realization;

James is a horse!

Beautiful to look at with an athleticism that although is a genetic gift requires a jockey to harness it to allow it to race to it’s full potential.

I also did some research into animal personality traits and nodded in agreement until I got to this part;

No one should say anything behind the horse’s back, for its sense of hearing is fiercely acute.

I guess J is one of the few horses of the world that has inherited selective hearing.  😉

So what animal would you be?

If you want to do a quick test on animal personalities you can go here  of the animals available I turned out to be a warthog – charming huh!

Till next time

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