Appsolutely Fabulous Darling!

My fridge is filled with cupcakes!

I spent my evening baking up a storm, so many different flavors.  In the end I think the array of cupcake flavors was vast and included; lemon, vanilla, double chocolate, blueberry, pumpkin and mocha.

I then put different flavored icings on each one, cream cheese, hard chocolate, mocha (just to name a few), then agonized over the toppings, some I adorned with chocolate chips, some had cookie crumbs and mini marshmallows, there were even a few where I decided to be “good” and topped them with fresh fruit (strawberries lightly dusted with icing sugar to be precise).

And then … I ate some!

Ahhhhh the wonders of the world truly open up to you when you have an iphone!

Who knew that virtual baking, decorating and “eating” could be so enjoyable … I literally spent a good hour agonizing over exactly what I wanted to top my cupcakes with, there was even a heated discussion with my husband over whether jellybeans would “work” with a mocha cupcake with cream cheese icing.

Do you know there is even an application where you can make toast?

I bet there are people out there who come across these applications and think, who the hell would buy that?  Well in short … people like me 🙂 on the plus side, there is no cleaning up required and no extra cardio to be done after consuming these creations.  Sheer Bliss!

Actually the word “cardio” has reminded me to go over yesterdays training and food, since that’s kind of the purpose of the blog 😉

Food = Good

Tasted good too.  Had protein pancakes, rice cakes, egg white omelets and chicken.  Was hungry though and boiled up three eggs and scoffed down the whites at about 8 pm.  Could have been something to do with the longer cardio session …

Cardio = Good

Morning cardio was 7.1 ks in just over an hour (half of it I jogged, hence the reason I got further than normal in the usual space of time.

Night cardio ended up being a stroller walk with Miss Isabelle.  Just over an hour, in the rain, pushing her up a hill, the joys of mummyhood (not).

Weight training = As good as it gets when training alone.

Back and abs (yep, im really trying to get abs this season lol).  Highlight was pulling myself up unassisted.  Then finished up trying to do my routine choreography, I must look a right plonker especially since I’m the only one who can hear my music because I’ve got it on the ipod.  Oh well, needs must be met, so looking like a plonker is a sacrifice I shall have to live with 😉

All in all Tuesday was a good day, I think I even spied some abdominals!  Hopefully it shows in this afternoons measures.  I did so well even Brad thinks I deserve a big thumbs up 😉

My bouquets of the day go out to two people.

My husband the birthday boy


My friend Lavinia, because she has come back to the fold (finally)!

And yes those of you with good eyes, those are cupcake bouquets 🙂

Till next time xox

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  1. Rachael says:

    Ewww, did you put raspberry frosting on a carrot cupcake? Those bouquets are way cool, I may attempt that at some point!

    On a more somber note, am praying for your Poppa and sending hugs your way xx

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