Stormy Weather

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain; I couldn’t help but think the weather gods were expressing my mood of the day.

Last night I got some bad news, my Dad who is my most favorite person in the whole entire world found out he has cancer of the throat.  Poppa (which is my name for him) being Poppa is pretty staunch and hasn’t said much so it was Mum who informed me and explained what the tests showed and what the specialist had said.

On the bright side (if there is one), the specialist said it’s a very treatable cancer and the radiotherapy has an 80% chance of success.  If that fails (and apparently the specialist was sure it wouldn’t fail), they would operate and cut it out.

Now being the ever-optimistic person that I am I went  “oh sweet, so they’ll just fix it” and went on about my night, prepping food, wrangling kids and doing my extra cardio sessions.  It wasn’t till I saw the way that my Mum and husband looked at me that I had an “am I being an ostrich?” moment.

So if you happen to be a praying type of person, put in a good word for my Poppa next time you are chatting with the big guy.

Onto a brighter subject …

Both training and food was spot on yesterday.  My morning cardio was a walk around Point Chev with my old training partner Lavinia, we went up Zoo Hill at a much speedier pace than we used too!  The walk ended up being 45 minutes, it used to take us an hour, and so, Lavinia planned a bigger walk for this morning.

Weight training was legs with Miss Jo after we did my measures (which were back down – yay) and she was hard on me I squatted with 25kgs on each side, to most people that’s probably a starting weight, but with my reconstructed bionic knees, its an amazing feat.

Then my second lot of cardio was a 30 run/walk around Massey, run/walk, because I can’t run for a decent length of time 😉

So I guess we will call yesterday a so so day … good training and food, but pretty suckful personally!

Tomorrow shall be brighter.. I just know it!

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