C25K – Week 1, Day 2 (kind of)

I have a confession to make – I have every intention in following the C25K plan – just,

kind of,


different than what the OFFICIAL plan states ..

Now, it’s not that I know better – because obviously, since I can’t consistently run 5k’s without stopping, I don’t.

It’s just that after completing Day 1 on the plan I personally found the walking intervals too long, so I planned to shorten those to 1 minute which would make the rest of this weeks sessions a 1 minute run, followed by a 1 minute walk for 20 minutes.  I mean it’s the same – but just slightly different, no biggie – right?

Now let me set the scene – it’s still dark as I set off (from work) and I did the obligatory warm up walk before starting my Garmin at the beginning of the first boardwalk along Westhaven.

All good, I know the first minute is a run and my watch will vibrate at the end of each minute and I’ll alternate running and walking until I’ve done 20 minutes – could it be any more simple?!?!

In theory no – In hindsight?  Yeah .. it could have been light and I would have been able to see my watch because as I was running along I kept thinking, gosh this is a long 1 minute, but since I always think that I just brushed it off as “being a wuss” I checked the countdown timer on my watch a couple of times but my light seems to stay on for a complete nano second which isn’t that helpful to someone who is blind like myself, so I switched it to show me the distance and time elapsed and realised why it was the longest one minute of my life as it ticked into the minute three. #sigh

So trying to stay on plan but also have some kind of accurate pace measure I swapped to a 2 minute run, 1 minute walk, 1 minute run, 1 minute walk and repeated that sequence four times (being a total of the 20 minutes outlined for week one).

It’s kind of the same ..

Day two, week one – run and done!

Till next time





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