C25K (take two)

So, it’s pretty clear that these days I’m a “runner” –

I mean I can’t actually run for very long without needing a walk break and I’m as far away from fast as it gets BUT if someone asked me “what do you do to stay fit” the only honest answer (at this point) would be “I run”.

I know “real runners” probably look at me with raised eyebrows and think “oh that’s so cute, she THINKS she’s a runner” and don’t let me get started on what “real runners” seem to think about girls who run in skirts! 😉

But it is what it is, even now that I don’t have to run (because I completed the half marathon already) I still do ..

After completing the Coatesville Half Marathon James and I were discussing how (apart from not stopping every kilometer to take photos), I could finish faster and he stated that I’d need to up my tempo – which I rejected immediately as I’ve found that I enjoy running at a speed where I can breathe, so he said “well then you’ll need to work on your endurance”. In layman’s terms I need to be able to consistently run further than I walk. OK I guess I’ll take option 2!

SO it’s back (way back) to basics for me ..

C25K – Day 1 – Week 1

I’ve attempted C25K once before not long after Elias was born.  I remember it so well, turning up to the Waitakere Stadium to “run” around in circles,  carrying way to much excess weight with the people from the athletics club warming up around me, then my knee packed up and I had to start over again a few weeks later (it’s the story of my life).

Anyway back then I couldn’t get past week three (jog three minutes) and it fell by the wayside until now .. so what if it’s taken over nearly all of Issy’s lifetime to get back here – all good things take time. 😉

C25K Day 1 Week 1 – Oct 2009 & March 2016

I guess some of you may be confused because “Julia did a half marathon, why is she doing C25?” but it’s simple really – the plan I followed to do complete the Half Marathon was more about building endurance through spending time on your feet other than building the endurance to run for longer periods of time (although that was somewhat a by product of spending more time on your feet) however although I can traverse 21k’s it would be kind of cool if I could routinely run for a distance greater than 1-2k, this is what the C25k is designed to allow you to do.

I’m curious to see how far I can get through the program before getting “stuck” at this stage I’d guess the middle/end of week 5 ..

Till next time



PS – My left knee only grumped once!  Although technically I didn’t actually run that much today, so I’ll be interested to see how it handles the group run I’m going to on Saturday up in the Waitakere’s.



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