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Today I headed over on the early bird ferry to Rangitoto – not only is it cheap ($20.00 return for an adult) but as it docks at 8am it gave me plenty of time before I had to get back which certainly helps someone like me who tends to take too many photos and who manages to repeatedly get lost whenever they run in a new area.

When traveling on public transport you tend to notice the people in your immediate vicinity. Most of the people heading over on the first ferry  were parents with young kids (because quite frankly you don’t get to sleep in when you have young kids) but there were also a large (and rather excited) group of women. I guessed they were all part of a women’s only bootcamp, as I doubt any singular woman has that many friends who are excited to get up at stupid o’clock on a Saturday to climb a big arse volcano (or run around a volcano and an island – as I planned to do).

As most people traveling to Rangitoto intend to climb directly to the summit (which I did not) when the ferry docked I hung back because I didn’t have to worry about getting on the trail before the hoards, in fact I only came across two “groups” on the entire length of the Rangitoto Coastal Track, a couple tramping with their child in tow who incidentally I’d sat next to on ferry and a single older gentleman (as in alone, I didn’t check his marital status when he stood to the side to let me pass) in fact even on the Motutapu Walkway I saw less than a handful of people, it wasn’t until I was heading back along Islington Bay Road that I encountered larger numbers.

I got back to the wharf shortly before the ferry was due so I did what I do .. took photos 😉

There were a large number of people heading back to Auckland and I managed to find a seat on the outside deck next to a couple of the women who had been on the early morning ferry. We got chatting and they explained that they’d all walked up the summit and the conversation continued;

Them – Did you go up?
Me – No I ran over there *pointing at Motutapu*
Them – Cool! How far is that?
Me – 21km in total
Them – Are you training for something?
Me – Ummm no, I just like to run ……

Just call me Forrest.

Till next time




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