Say what?!?!

Today was my second to last run of taper week – a “short” 5k jaunt along Westhaven Marina.

Now here’s the thing .. I’m one of THOSE runners ..

I don’t eat before hand and I don’t go out with any pacing strategies, heck half the time I’m not sure where I’m even going!

BUT more importantly (for this blog post) I don’t warm up ..

This tends to bite me in the arse on a short run because by the time I’m warm, well it’s all over.  In fact this morning, just before the 1k mark I was reminding myself how I’d read an article that had explained how the shorter the distance you were planning on running the longer your warm up should be – which makes sense, I mean if you’re planning on sprinting 100 meters you’d need to be much warmer if you were heading out to run a marathon .. (although neither of those scenarios would ever be something I’d actually do).

So yeah .. perhaps a few leg swings whilst waiting for my Garmin to connect isn’t actually the preparation one requires to run – although to be fair, I don’t run fast .. I kind of meander whilst breathing heavily although now that I own a pair of bluetooth beats I can’t even hear myself breathing, so all good.

However occasionally (and I mean really really occasionally, like so occasionally I mean hardly ever in fact almost never) “just winging shit” works because today I ran a negative split*!

This is the first time I’ve ever run a negative split and there was a time in my life where I actually tried to run one which is why I’m documenting today’s achievement.  I do feel like I should apologise to all the runners out there working their arses off to get a negative split when I bumble along and just fluke it!

Want to know the weirdest thing?  This morning I ran a basic out and back 5k course and except when I stopped at the round about near the harbor bridge to check for cars and I walked up a section of the small hill at the base of Curran Street I ran the entire first half, whereas I walked/ran the entire return section whilst probably annoyed the fu*k out of some girl who was running along the same route that I kept overtaking in my running sections but would them pass me when I walked – if you by chance read this I am sorry!

I guess this goes to show that you can actually hold a decent pace with walk/run intervals such as the ones used by Galloway followers..

Or perhaps it’s more likely that I just started REALLY REALLY slowly (because like I said earlier, I don’t warm up), which in my case is also good because Anna (of the short shorts, long legs variety) has always told me to start out running really slowly and it’ll all be good and she knows a thing or two about running. 😉

Till next time



*negative split = running the second half faster than the first half*

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