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In my “vast years of experience” I’ve come to the conclusion that you will have a greater chance of maintaining a fitness program IF you do shit that you enjoy.

I mean sure, you may turn up once or even a handful of times if you are uber determined, but no one (in their right mind) is going to regularly turn up to do shit they hate .. (especially if to do so they need to get up before the sun).

So if you want fitness to be a lifelong thing, you should DEFINITELY do shit you like unless of course someone makes you do something else –

Like say, sprints on a field with the sprinkler system turned on. Yeah if something like that should happen, I guess you should just try and sprint faster than the sprinkler so you don’t get saturated and complain a lot …

(or not complain if that’s your thing) I’m all about free choice. BUT I digress this blog post is about doing more of the shit you like and I like burpees – I know crazy huh?

Burpees are one of those simple movements with the ability to “kill you” but perhaps what’s even better is that it’s something anyone can do (well anyone that is capable of lying down on the ground and getting back up again).  I have the advantage of being of average stature which means that the ground is relatively close for me – it also helps that I’m quite flexible through the hamstrings, so I guess I like them because 95% of the time I don’t suck ..In fact burpees might be the ONLY thing I don’t complain about at boot camp although I would have to double check with Kerry about that. 

I know for certain that there would have been times when I’ve really want to complain about burpees but I begrudgingly hold the complaints back because you can’t be boo burpees when you’re “Burpees for Life!” I will however openly admit I was pretty boo burpees that time I did the burpee mile and I’m certain I was even less in love with burpees the second time I did the burpee mile especially after vowing that I’d never ever EVER do that again as soon as I’d finished the first mile.

I should have realised that proclamations made in the depths of pain and despair never last, I mean if they did Issy wouldn’t have a little brother (who annoys the shit out of her, so perhaps don’t mention that during the midst of child birth her Dad and I decided that she’d be our one and only).

I might even consider (perhaps for a minute before declining) repeating the burpee mile and I’d even entertain the thought of doing the 100 day burpee challenge again because that shit was fun, I’ve just looked back on some of the videos from that 100 day burpee challenge and shake my head at some of the burpee variations we came up with.

This has got to be one of my faves ..

And then there was that time Iz and I did burpees on a boat!

LOL How could anyone not love doing burpees! Believe in the burpee!  Burpees for Life!

PS – If you want to check out all the videos from the 100 day challenge,  you’ll find them on my youtube channel  

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