What I know (one month in)

November was the month when I put a concerted effort into becoming a runner ..

As beginners (in nearly all sporting endeavors) tend to go out too hard, too fast which invariably leads to injury and an immediate halt in progress – I downloaded a 10k training program for Novices and ran whatever distance was programmed for that day.

Some days I was overjoyed to hear the Nike Running lady proclaim “you have reached your distance – 0 k’s to go” and other days (although not many) I was a rather disappointed as I was sure I could run at least another couple of k’s – In reality I probably couldn’t, but brownie points for putting those positive vibes out there Julz!

When I first started running, I dressed like a runner and just “faked it”. I’d go outside, put one foot in front of the other (too quickly), panted like a dog and tried not to die but as the month wore on there were at least a couple of days where I’ve felt like an “actual runner”.

After my first month of running I’ve learned the following;

You’ll run further if you are comfortable

DO NOT – I repeat – DO NOT wear cotton tops when you run.

Also if you have to choose between wearing something that is slightly too small or slightly too big – go with too small, unless it’s running shoes then always go with a size bigger, just wear thicker Thorlos.

And on the subject of Thorlos – They’re a lot like Haviana’s until you get a pair you don’t quite get why they are so damn expensive – believe you me, they are worth every cent.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Electronic devices must be charged! Also don’t use the shit Garmin that takes longer to find a satellite than it would have taken you to run your entire designated route.

Your pace doesn’t necessarily mean squat

I can run for a longer period of time at a faster pace when I run outside on a road/trail. For some reason a 7min kilometre feels quick on a treadmill but outside a 7min kilometre usually means I’m going up a hill. I can however sprint much faster on a treadmill (or should I say I can pick up my feet faster while a belt spin quickly underneath them).

You just never know

The days when you REALLY don’t want to will generally be the days where you’ll have the best run ever. You’ll feel like you could run a million miles (or at least 6.2 of them) because you’re flying and running is your bitch!

Alas this will not always be the case, after all – life is like a box of chocolates!

It get’s easier (kind of)

I’ve honestly looked at those motivational quotes that state “It never gets easier – you just get better” and rolled my eyes, but I think they could in fact be onto something ..

Over the course of the past month I’ve been able to increase the distance I could run before I hit the “omg I have how much further?” point, but I wouldn’t in any way, shape or form say that running has become easier, so perhaps I really am just getting better at this running shit. 😉

Today someone told me they were proud of me (and my running efforts) and I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty impressed with my stickability too!

Till next time





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