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So yesterday I was umming and aaahing about weighing in today but I knew deep down that I’d be unable to resist the call of that little square box sitting in reception waiting to tell me “what my number is”. I think the only fool proof way for me not to stand on those scales is to not go to Ludus on a Friday morning. 😉

Anyway I checked my measurements before setting off and they were all down, that way even if I didn’t like what the scale told me this morning I wouldn’t have a complete meltdown about it because the centimeters are coming off pretty consistently week after week – even my leg measurement is down and that very rarely happens!

I even remembered to snap a selfie in the changing room for today’s blog post before heading back down to reception to get the news …

Well the number was down, but nowhere near down to what I was hoping for. On a positive note I wasn’t disappointed with myself like I would have been in my previous life. I’ll admit I had a slight moment of panic thinking back over the last couple of weeks and wondering what more I could do to get a bigger drop on the scales but I pulled myself back from the ledge and simply reminded myself that I thought I was looking leaner before I stepped on the scale and the number staring back at me doesn’t change what I saw in the mirror.

OMG who have I become! I’m quite liking this grown up Julia …

The “bad news” did spur me on though – today is my final run day of the week and is an interval session of 30 rounds, increasing in speed by 1.0k every 10 rounds. I’ve been doing this interval set consistently throughout the challenge and today I ran every single round at 1.0k faster than usual. I’m smaller, fitter AND faster! #boom

Next week is the half way point and as such I (and the rest of the transformationers) will have our fat tests redone. My goal is to have lost 5% (in the five weeks) – it’s pretty audacious, but you’ve got to aim high – right?

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