Double the pleasure?

I bet Ryan would be even more “turned on” if along with whip marks he found a girl with deadlift AND rope climbing bruises.

I’ve never been one of those “boxer types” who can skip all fancy like. I can jump up and down and I can manage jumping side to side on a good day and even backward and forwards if I really think about it but yeah high knees or heel tapping and other such “advanced” footwork – yeah .. nah.

My skipping non ability is the reason I didn’t take up boxing. Oh and the fact I can’t hit stuff very well, just stand there looking confused when the trainer calls out 1-1-2-weave-3. Oh and then there is the fact that people would hit me, that would probably hurt. So actually my non skipping ability has nothing to do with the fact I didn’t take up boxing so lets just move on 😉

During crossfit induction we did some skipping. I could do a double under but I couldn’t string them together, it was always a single, a double then repeat. I haven’t skipped much since induction because I pulled something underneath my foot so it hurt to jump, but its coming right now and last night at the gymnastics session at HPU the warm up included double under practice which was perfect timing because this arrived in the mail that very day!

Kat had explained what you should look for in a rope (materials, weight, length) so after much research into the subject I settled on rx ropes because they are custom made and you select the rope color and the handles (because basically everything else between brands was the same including price). I mean how could I resist pink camo!

On the sizing chart I was in between sizes so I ordered two ropes and one set of handles. The handles came with the shorter length on it (which were the pink) so thats the combo I used in last nights warm up.

Could I magically do 100 double unders?

Not on your nelly lol

BUT after a big of instruction from Gareth (coach) I managed to string TWO together but then I squeeled in delight and f**ked up the third but I did manage to do an encore performance (including the squeel and f**king up the next jump). At least I’m consistent.

The rope seems to be a nice weight for me (and yes it hurts when you whip yourself) but it could be just a little short for my current level of ability (non existent) so today I attached the longer rope and I’ll take it into the gym tomorrow and warm up before my session and give it a whirl ..

Cute huh! I think it even looks a bit more “hard core” 😉

So yeah another thing to add to the “must learn how to do list”.   I get that crossfit specializes in not specializing but how one finds the time to learn AND practice all these vast range of new skills is quite the conundrum.

Maybe you were supposed to be good at one of the disciplines to start with .. I must ask Coach G.

Till next time

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