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For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to eat real whole foods while also expanding my food horizons.

Two things I’ve found are;

It’s expensive – Especially if you want to eat a variety of fruit and veg AND good cuts of meat.

And secondly – It’s time consuming, not only working out what you are going to eat and prepping it but because fruit and veg don’t last long I make multiple trips to the market.

If you google “Sunday meal prep” (like I did to find todays main photo) you will come across huge numbers of organised folk out in the world who cook and package up all their food for the week. Which is all well and good and I can do that if I make all the meals the same (boring) or I buy a bag of salad and add something to it neither way really expands my food horizons.

Then Coach G posted a link to a company who do paleo food deliveries to the box on Facebook.

I looked into the pricing and worked out it that if I took what I usually spend out of the household grocery budget every week and purchased food from Fit Me In it worked out about the same if not a little cheaper especially if you factor in the time I’d save going to the shop, cooking, prepping and other such domesticated activities.

I then looked at the menu (which changes weekly) because to be honest Paleo eating has always seemed a bit restrictive for me but the food sounded nice so I thought what the heck I’ll give it a go for a week I could always eat a tonne of “shit” on Sunday to make up for it if it tasted like cardboard.

I ordered a weeks worth of breakfasts and lunch basically because I can’t pass up a pancake – even if it is a paleo one 😉

My plan was that those two meals would either be breakfast/lunch or lunch/dinner depending on what I had on that day. On the days I train early I tend to have breakfast in the car so a shake is my go to and on days where I go back to the gym and don’t get home late I usually just have a shake for dinner and head to bed.

Anyway the meals are delivered on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays (two days worth at a time)

I went to the fridge this morning – searched through all the packages .. and nothing .. #sadface.

A quick pm to the company and it was sorted.  They organised for my food to be delivered to work by lunchtime and as promised it arrived and boy oh boy did it look good! Couldn’t wait for the lunch bell to ring (yes I work in “that type” of workplace) 😉

I’m guessing because my order was missed they had run out of todays lunch because I got what was on the dinner menu instead (I also got an extra meal as a “sorry”) #bonus so I decided to have the Thai Beef curry for lunch and I’d have the omlette at dinner time as I prefer to eat lighter at night ..

OMG I gotta say if this is how paleoites eat then sign me up (well 6 out of 7 days at least) although I’m guessing only paleoites who have the time, inclination and the ability to cook eat like this.

Even though I’m not much of a curry girl and don’t like silverbeet I ate the entire thing pity I didn’t have any bread to mop up the rest of the curry (old habits die hard) 😉

I’ll keep you informed about the rest of the food as the week goes on, but honestly it all looks super fresh and scrumptious!

If you want to get some more info on the company, the menu and the pricing check them out here.

Till next time

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