Don’t think – Just Run

Because I went to the Chicks at the Flicks on Wednesday night and got home after James had gone to bed, last night was the first time we have had to moan about life converse about what we’ve been up to in each others absence.

He asked why I had wanted to curl up into a ball on the side of the road and cry during my Wednesday morning run. Which in hindsight may have been a slight exaggeration on my part (I was tired when I said that, I have been known to get slightly emotional when I’m tired) but nonetheless it wasn’t one of those runs where I think “f**k me, I think I could actually learn to like this running shit”.

I explained that it just wasn’t a good running day. It was really windy, my fingers were frozen and although I worked up a sweat I just couldn’t get warm and then from about the 3k point it was just one big constant (losing) battle to keep moving forward.

James – What do you think about when you run? I count ..
Me – You what?
James – Count. I do tabatas and run fast for 10 and then slower for 20 ..
Me – Right, well I only have one speed, so that kind of negates the need to count.

He looks slightly confused, but he carries on ..

James – So what do you think about?
Me – Usually about how shite running is.
James – I’m being serious.
Me – Well for the first 4k (or so) I’m reminding myself to not go out too hard, I think about how much I like my outfit, I check out other peoples outfits and wonder how long it will take till I can run as effortlessly as “that runner person over there”.

Then all shit hits the fan and it goes a little something like this ..

I’m tired – Surely it would be ok to stop just once.
No! We are not stopping until you at least reach that bridge (or other such landmark up ahead).
That’s miles away!
Keep moving, remember running is all in the mind.
No, my mind could run to that bridge easily, it’s my legs that can’t.
Just slow down and keep moving!
BUT then it will take FOREVER to get to that bridge – I should run faster.
NO! Don’t do that you’ll never make it, you’ll have to stop.
I’m going to kick that f**king bridge when I get there.
Don’t be stupid! – First of all people will look at you weird AND you’d break your foot.
At least I’d have a good excuse not to run ..

James – So you just think about running when you run?

I guess tomorrow I should just count ..

Till next time





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