So you’re a runner now ..

I get that quite often these days – although I guess it doesn’t help that everytime I blog it’s invariably about running ..

James and I had a conversation the other day (which happened to be my “long run day”) about the fact that I don’t consider myself to be a runner.

He matter of factly said;

“You run – therefore you are a runner.”

Dude sounds like Yoda .. right?!?!

I’m glad he looks more like Hans Salo though ..

Now “oviously” I have a myriad of reasons as to why I don’t consider myself to be a runner;

  1. I do other stuff as well, running isn’t my be all and end all,
  2. I can’t run very far without needing to stop and
  3. I can’t run very fast.

When I can run at least eight kilometres without stopping, I’ll then classify myself as someone who runs because surely runners are those people who like to run and I’m WAY over here like this ..

I guess running and I have a love/hate relationship – running loves to kick my arse and I hate the fact that it does, therefore I run ..

There are lots of people who run for reasons other than enjoyment (weight loss, general health, their trainer makes them) and at the moment I happen to be one of those people.

Clearly there are other things that I’ve done and are shite at that I haven’t put it the time and effort to be less shite at, like overhead squats, barbell snatches, turkish get ups and double unders but seriously none of those things are going to be much help in an actual emergency whereas the ability to run could in fact come in quite handy!

Seriously though? Running isn’t complicated (you put one foot in front of the other and try not to stop) and it isn’t scary (like holding a heavy barbell above your head) or cycling in the middle of Auckland traffic while being “permanently” attached to the pedals so I’ve got no excuses AND to be fair, it gives me an excuse to buy new shorts – people who run NEED shorts.

Runners do too – but I’ll let you know if I ever become one of those ..

Till next time





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