Treadmill Traumas

This morning I found something that I dislike more than running outside –

Treadmill running!

OMG! Who would have ever thought that there would be a time in my life where I’d rather be outdoors moving pitifully slow up some god dam hill …

So I guess that’s one positive from this mornings session at least now when I’m running I can think to myself “well at least you aren’t stuck on a treadmill” lololol

You see, I’ve been following a 10k training program (for novices) and on today’s schedule was a short 3.2k run followed by a strength session and since I hadn’t be able to get to a Hot Rod Ludus session in at least five weeks (because I’ve been boxing) I decided to do the run first and jump into the 6am session, I’d already be warm so it wouldn’t matter too much if I missed the warm up section of the class.

The two main reasons I decided to jump on the treadmill were a) My Nike Running app includes an indoor run and I wanted to know if it could accurately track my distance (it can) and b) I tend to get carried away when I run outside and end up running further than originally intended (which would mean I’d yet again miss Rod’s class).

You’d think it would be easier to run on a treadmill after all the belt moves and all you have to do is lift your feet BUT honestly I find it so much harder than free running, which allows me to naturally speed up and slow down depending on the terrain unlike trying to get your sweaty hands to work the controls of the treadmill while attempting not to fall off.

HOWEVER I’m trying to live much more mindfully these days SO I’ve decided to come up with five reasons to be grateful for the dreadmill treadmill.


I can forgo the clinging sweaty running tee and just wear shorts and a sports bra (along with the obvious shoes and socks). I’d never feel comfortable enough to run without a shirt on outdoors where people will see me.


Since I’m not running outside my shoes will stay clean and pretty looking.


I don’t have to run with earphones as I can listen to my music through a speaker. (I’m not sure everyone else in the room would necessarily think that is a positive). 😉


I dislike running on wet surfaces and end up tip toeing carefully along the road, I don’t have to worry about that when on a treadmill.


The other morning I went to run along the bike path outside Ludus when I saw up ahead a “dodgy character” who stopped, turned around and checked me out. I hesitated trying to figure out if he looked like someone I could outrun if I needed too and decided to take a different route to get to City Boxing.

Unfortunately, I caught up with dodgy dude near where I was supposed to go under a bridge .. well OBVIOUSLY I wasn’t keen on running under the bridge with dodgy dude!  Thankfully he ended up walking over the bridge so when he was far enough across it that I knew he wouldn’t catch me even if he turned around I sprinted underneath it.  I can actually run pretty fast when I have too. 😉

Next Thursday, rain or shine – you’ll find me (happily) running – outside ..

Till next time





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