100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 40 I started a craze for the crazies!

You may have guessed after reading about the exploits of Anna, Iz, Sal and I – that Ludus is filled with people who will give anything a go.

Now I *will* give anything a go IF I think it’s within my capabilities the newest *challenge* for the crazies is well beyond my current AND even future capabilities!

It came about after my research on you tube for different variations of burpees. You can find ANYTHING on you tube 😉 That is where I saw the roly poly burpee that Anna and I did, there should however have been a disclaimer on that clip that it makes you super dizzy 😉

Anyway I was talking to one of the guys (who incidentally can do 10m high box jumps, flag holds and other such amazing feats) about what I had seen in my burpee research and told him he would be great at some of them.

I ended up posting a clip for him to see .. then it was all on … Ludians galore want to have a crack! (Again I am not one of them) 😉

Yep back flip burpees! My friend Brooke pretty much went straight outside to see if she could do it (and she obviously can cause she’s a machine) so the boys were disappointed she did it first so now I have suggested this version .. helpful aren’t I?

Those burpees feats of madness are going to make mine look pretty lame even though Anna and I thought they were particularly epic when we were doing them (although to be fair we did 40 that dude only did four flip roundy backflips)!

Till next time

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