100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 39 and its someones burpday!

Today is Iz’s birthday!

And no she isn’t 39 – not even close .. however today I dedicate my burpees to her!

It’s traditional to do weight vested burpees to celebrate your birthday at Ludus but as you all know Iz has only just undergone knee surgery so weight vested burpees are not really an option for her just yet. I guess if need be I will step in and do the birthday burpees for her, that’s what friends are for .. right? 😉

Anyway I know she is having an awesome day with friends and just check out that birthday cake! *drool*

This one’s for you Iz …

Oh and you Anna my burpee partner in crime? Well today she got the idea that we should do 2013 burpees on New Years Eve to herald in the New Year … *sigh*

Till next time

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