100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 38 best of the week

On the weekends James and I get to go to Ludus together because we dump the kids off with my parents and run … 😉

*Don’t worry no parents are harmed in the process*

I had heard that today’s session was going to be a “Mararathon” (named after team #rara – Ramon and Rashida) and the girls and I were actually really excited, it’s always a bonus when the Saturday session is a long and tough one.

However Rodominals had other plans and today’s workout at Ludus was to be a partner session.

Because James

A) Won’t yell at me
B) Is used to picking up the slack for my inabilities


C) Looks good without a shirt on

It was an obvious choice to make him my partner for the workout – especially since I chose him as my partner for life .. if we can’t make it through a Ludus session together our marriage is pretty much doomed 😉

The idea was as a team you had to get to 100 reps of the first exercise. So for example one person would start on kb swings while the other person ran around Ludus Island then you would swap taking up the rep count from where your partner finished the swings and you would keep swapping until you had reached 100 (as a team).

James and I actually made a REALLY good team .. he can do chins faster than I can, but I burpee quicker so we each have our strengths and our weaknesses are covered by the other which I guess mirrors our real life partnership.  I’m the brains and he’s the brawn.  I like lots of shoes and he is content with two … match made in heaven. 😉

When I was discussing the workout afterwards with Rod (and yes I told him it was the best of the week) I suggested that he should make these partner things one girl/one guy per team because it would even out the teams AND the singles could have a mix and mingle at the same time.   It probably wouldn’t have worked today just because of the numbers but he did agree its a great idea .. so single girls .. keep an eye out – Ludus Mix n Mingle sessions!

Anyway lets get on with todays burpee challenge video – I must be in a lovey dovey mood today because even my burpees were “dedicated” to James 😉

Till next time

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