Keep your hands (and feet) to yourselves

I am pleased to announce that there shall be no kicking of my arse because I actually got myself to the gym and lifted some iron!

It was touch and go because I talked myself into it while writing my blog post then as the afternoon wore on and my will was weakening I honestly wanted to just pike out and go home, but the thought of telling you all that I had wavered sent me to the gym .. for a split second I thought I could just tell you all that I went, but I figured James would rat me out 😉


Even when I arrived at the gym I nearly turned around and went home!  I went to Club Physical Westgate (which is not my normal gym) and they are in the middle of renovations – no changing rooms!  I had to go back out into the carpark and find the temporary ones located inside a shipping container .. not the best start to a workout for someone not wanting to be there in the first place.

Thankfully once I got started all was good with the world.  I did shoulders as I had planned because I was by myself I only got up to the 12.5kg dumbells when I was doing my presses but that’s not too bad considering I haven’t weight trained consistently for a little while.  There were a few nice things to look at 😉 so all in all I guess Tuesday was a success.

Miss Jo emailed me yesterday and is going to take me for training today because she read my blog and saw that I was being useless … and speaking of Miss Jo she competed at the NABBA/WFF Pan Pacifics on the weekend and took out not only her division but the overalls. She rocks!

As you can see I’ve stolen the picture from Lisa at she has done a write up on the entire show and there are loads of pics, so go and check it out.

This morning there was a BIG crowd at Ludus and once again I didn’t finish. But as Francis and Joe say its about the quality not the quantity 😉

Reps 30-15:15-5 Two exercises per set.

The first exercise you did for 30 then the second exercise you did for 15.
Then back to the first exercise for 20 reps second exercise for 10.
Then first exercise for 10 and the second exercise for 5.

Then onto the next set … (six sets in total). I got through five sets and made a start on the sixth.

I’m not going to list all the exercises today except I will tell you about the most interesting one. Joe called it the deck burpee .. but I think a more apt name would be the rolly polly ninja burpee!

You started on your back, rolled forward and jumped into a burpee then rolled onto your back again to start the next one. I have no idea how Joe comes up with these things.

Right I can hear all the ladies saying “get on with it Julia” so without further ado lets get on with the task at hand.

CLUE ONE/TWO = He is an actor who has played a vampire and a bartender

CLUE THREE/FOUR = He has a daughter and two tattoos (although you can only see one in this pic)

It is of course Cam Gigandet *wolf whistle*

I have a new favorite vampire 😉

Till next time

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2 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    Well done for doing your weight training Julia!! You will be pleased to know that with all your talk about burpees…..I did 100 yesterday in my workout! I (heart) Burpees! NOT 🙂 But they sure made me sweat.

  2. Anouska says:

    He is HOT! I loved him in Burlesque (when I first noticed him!)

    Oh and I did burpees for the first time since Intermediate today and it all come back to me about how much I hated them then – when I was young and fit!

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