Thank You

I arrived at work this morning and started sifting through my emails. I got one from a work colleague that said he had just seen the latest Club Physical Newsletter stating I had won the Club Physical Real Results Competition!. So a huge huge thanks to everyone who voted for me.

For your voting efforts I will get;

A SUB Sports Bag and Towel (worth $89.90)
A Safe Bottle (worth $39)
Two nights for two at ABSOLUTE LAKE VIEW accommodation in TAUPO!
A 12 week Club Physical membership for yourself or a friend
T-shirt Sweatshirt
Private Training six-pack

As you are all aware I was trying to win this competition specifically to get the 12 week gym membership.  I am really hoping my Dad will use it.  I’m also going to see if he will consider entering into their cancer wellness program but since he isn’t much into the “whole group wellness” thing I might be pushing my luck there. 😉

Speaking of groups .. Ludus this morning was a killer!

Thanks to Ludus AND actually doing weight training again I don’t think there is any part of my body that does not hurt.    This mornings enjoyment included samurai walking  (which are very very low lunges – knee to the floor each time) laps around the arena while holding sand bags.   We also had the pleasure of burpee punishment should anyone stand up.

Ordinarily this wouldn’t be a “problem” but Miss Jo stated last night that today we would train legs tonight *sigh* my butt better look AMAZING come summer time.

She killed my back and biceps last night .. thanks to years of playing squash I get tendonitis in my elbow, so when I train back and biceps it usually hurts my elbow more than anywhere else and hence the reason I hate training them (biceps especially) but I did them and I don’t think I complained, well at least not much.

If I survive tonights leg session and my final Ludus session of the week tomorrow morning I shall be back and we can make a start on “Guess the Wolf” .. if you don’t hear from me I’m in hospital 😉

Till next time

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