Its worth it

Yes its Friday and I’m feeling great!

It could be because this morning at Ludus we only did 15 burpees in total or because our workout included Ludus laps, which means the weather is getting better and that summer is on its way (and as much as I hate running, I do love summer)!

And those points are valid reasons to feel good today, but the main reason I am feeling great today is because when I exercise consistently I feel good about myself. I feel smaller and firmer. I probably look EXACTLY the same as I did at the start of the week, but I feel better within myself and when I feel good I “do good” so its a cycle that I want to keep myself in so the beatings I take at Ludus and the training that I do with Miss Jo are worth every single ounce of the sweat and tears.

Tonight I’ve got Miss Jo to push me through a chest and tri workout (can anyone say ouch) I will admit that this morning at Ludus I gave a big thumbs up to God because this mornings workout had no burpees or pushups, both of those things kill my chest!

Oh and for those of you who are interested, this morning we did a 20:2 and I actually finished, granted they were starting to pack away and my friend Brooke was leaving to go home, but I did finish. 😉  What a way to finish off the week!

I guess an even better way to finish off the week would be with your new favorite game “Who is the Wolf” its a little bit more exciting than reading my usual ramblings.

So here we go …

CLUE ONE: He is an American actor (as most of my wolfs tend to be).

Till next time

Enjoy time with your loved ones this weekend

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  1. Bee says:

    I wish I had a “Ludus” here in Brisbane 🙁

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