Some people are worth melting for

I’ve been meaning to blog – but I’ve had other more pressing matters to deal with (and not just Christmas shopping) 😉

We moved house (at quite short notice), so I’ve been packing, lugging boxes and furniture, unpacking, lugging boxes and re arranging furniture, cleaning, and yet MORE lugging all while working, training and parenting.  I mean the kids still expect Santa to find them, so it’s been a pretty stressful period.

However on Saturday although we still had house related things to do I was adamant that it would all have to wait until after I had been for a run (I know, I know, sometimes I wonder who the hell I’ve become too) ..

A couple of weeks back I volunteered to set out the course markers for the Western Springs Park Run.  I think that Park Run is a really awesome initiative and although I’m a complete newbie I wanted to give back and Mark (Head Western Springs Park Run dude) said that putting out the cones was the easiest job and I’d still be able to participate – so cone putter outer (and inspirational message chalk writer) it was!

Yes I’m dressed as Olaf – it was boxing day, honestly – I don’t need much of an excuse to get dressed up ..

Due to other training commitments I hadn’t run in over a week which was slightly disconcerting since I have always struggled on the Western Springs course to the point I haven’t been able to run it without stopping but considering I was dressed like a snowman I wasn’t out to blitz the course this week.

In fact as James had hurt himself he was going to jog beside me (yes my run is his slow jog) so for the first two laps I had a companion – he stopped on the third lap for a toilet break and caught me up on the back half of the course and then overtook me. On a positive note, he found out that he can run really fast when properly warmed up (he was always worried he’d be too tired to actually run if he warmed up too well) AND he finished with enough time to run back to me and get some photos for the blog. #bless

I’m smiling because I ran the entire way without stopping!

It wasn’t the fastest time I’ve done of this course (that was set in week one) but that’s not the point, I ran the entire way (hills included) without stopping ..

“Some people are worth melting for” (Olaf) – make sure you remember to put yourself on that list. All week I’d been an overwhelmed co-ordinator, mover, cleaner, Santa’s elf, parent and wife, but allowing myself 35 minutes to run around a park made all the stresses of the week dissipate.

Till next time





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