100 Days 100 Burpees – Day 54 aka Christmas Eve!

Today is Monday and as such I would usually start my day off at Ludus with all the other crazy stupid oclocker’s but they changed the time of the class till 9am as its a “special day”.

Normally I could work with 9am but today not today – today is Christmas Eve!

The most coolest of all of the cool days in the year especially when you have kidlets and even more so when they get to the age my kidlets are at .. there is a special breakfast to be had, stockings to decorate, pressies to wrap, the excitement of santa arriving and obviously (because it is after all summer) swims to be had (yes that is plural, one swim is never enough for my kidlets) 😉

So today started off with some cardio in the “dungeon” while the kids were still sleeping so that I would be ready to “hit the ground running” and by 8am, I’d done my cardio, done my burpees AND had a swim .. now there was just pancakes to make, swim, stocking to paint, swim, pressies to wrap, swim .. you get the gist of it all.

So while I’ve got some time on my swim break let’s get this blog on the road!

Right time to get back in the pool 😉

Have a fantastic Christmas Eve AND please .. enjoy the day, don’t stress .. it’s not worth it.

Till next time

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