The Spibelt

Even though I now use a Garmin to record my runs instead of using the Nike+ app and no longer listen to music (as the last couple of times I wore headphones they were so annoying that I was ready to throw them into the next rubbish bin I ran past) I still take my phone with me when I run.

First of all it’s a safety thing, if I happen to trip and roll an ankle 4k away from wherever I started I can always ring someone to come and collect me and I guess if I happen to run 14k away from wherever I started and I’m too knackered to get back I could also do the same thing .. 😉

Then once I’ve finished my run, the phone is used to take my post run selfie to add to the Nike+ app. Although I don’t use the app to actually record the run, I’ve set up my Garmin to automatically send the information across so that all my records remain together in one place.

I’ve been using an arm band to carry my phone which is a bit of a p.i.t.a as I can’t easily see the screen or reach the controls and from past experience if you get caught in a downpour, the arm band won’t protect your phone from the rain!

I have used a waist belt before (but that was a a complete failure, it kept falling down when I wore it on my hip (which is my preferred place to wear a belt) and if it was tight enough to stay up I couldn’t breathe, so when read “10 Running Must Haves” over at Run Selfie Repeat and the spibelt was at the top of her list I did some further investigation.

Although I was skeptical of the claims made by the creators of the Spibelt (which stands for small personal items belt), Kelly (at Run Selfie Repeat) had said;

I’ve run over 1,000 miles since purchasing this miracle last year and not only does it still feel brand new but I’ve never had one issue with it. It’s kept my iPhone handy and dry (through rain, sweat and snow) on very, very long runs and is handy for selfies, email and phone checking and snap chatting. I’m obsessed with it. It’s the best thing I’ve ever bought.

So, I thought – what the heck, let’s give this a go and I ordered myself one for Christmas.

It actually turned up one day after my last run before the Christmas break so I didn’t get to try it out until the boxing day park run and I’ve now worn it for every run since then (a grand total of three lol).

It’s truly AMAZING and you completely forget that it’s there, it stays put (on my hip) and it doesn’t bounce – heck I even handstand in it! I will admit that I probably wouldn’t put anything else into it as I’d be worried it would fall out if I took out my phone whilst running, so I’d still utilise my shorts pockets for carrying a credit card and car or house key.

Spibelt do make a double belt, which has an ordinary sized pocket and a smaller pocket which I guess would be something I’d consider when and if this one dies OR if they decided to make the double belt totally in pink .. one can never have too much pink. 😉

With only two months (recent) “running experience” I’m not sure I’m ready to write a “10 running must haves” list yet, but I’m pretty sure the spibelt will be pretty high up the list when I get around to writing one.

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