Family Loop – Woodhill Mountain Bike Park

Since finishing the training period at my new job, I’ve started to settle into my new working week routine of 1 full day and 3 half days week in the office. Yep! Three day weekends are now my norm (and yes, I do realise how lucky I am). #grateful

On Friday’s (which are now the first day of my weekend) I’ve decided that I’ll spend the day giving “new shit a go”, although as most people aren’t lucky enough to have three day weekends as their norm, would mean that I’d have to “give any new shit I decide to give a go”, solo. Although in all fairness the solo part isn’t anything new, I’m used to and at times prefer to adventure solo, as I can muddle along at my own pace which is another bonus about adventuring on a weekday, there should be far less people to hold up. 😉

Last Friday, which also happened to be my first “free” Friday I decided to throw my new (to me) mountain bike in the back of my car and head to Woodhill Mountain Bike Park. Upon arrival I forked over my $10 entry fee and after a chat with the friendly staff I took my park map and headed to the 2.5km family loop.

The park staff had recommended I complete the family loop first. If I managed to not kill myself (or anyone else) and I was reasonably comfortable I could then head further into the park or alternatively (if I found it too challenging) I could ride the family loop repeatedly, gaining more confidence with every loop.

The first part of the trail starts immediately on the left after the gate entrance (it’s not very trail looking but there is a sign), this is a short winding section that takes you to the road (which you cross) and then what I’d call “the trail proper” continues on the other side.

My initial thought was “OMG! Exactly whose family has this family loop track been made for? The Incredibles??” I’m guessing there must be far more adventurous (and skilled) families out there than my own. I know for certain that Isabelle would have walked a large portion of it (or sat down and cried) but our men folk would have whizzed around the course with glee (and I fall somewhere in the middle of the two camps).

The trail itself winds it’s way through the trees near Tree Adventures and although it’s very root strewn the track has a firm base littered with pine needles. On my first loop the numerous tree roots weren’t too much of a problem, but on my second loop (which I did in the rain) they became quite slippery so I found the trail much more of a challenge to navigate especially on the sections where the trail narrows significantly and the trees jut out (exactly the type of area where I tend to slam into trees and this time around was no different) lolololol!

Although I probably would have been happy doing this one loop repeatedly, on the morning I went out to Woodhill there was a school group at the park and as I was finishing my second loop they were just starting so I decided to try out some of the other beginner trails in the park.

All in all, I probably could have run the trial faster than I biked it (alas you are not allowed to walk or run the trails in the network) but on a positive, I didn’t die ..

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