Monthly challenge update – July 2012

Another week down and yet another week where I didn’t come close to my weekly goal of earning 3500 points.

Maybe I need to think through these goals before I say them out loud, I’ll start looking like a failure 😉

The one good thing about this challenge is that it is making me aware of the need to eat fruit/veges. I tend to be really lazy and I’ll happily just have a can of chop chop and a few rice crackers for dinner, so having to eat either fruit or veges three times a day does make me stop and think about what is going in my mouth.

If you need a reminder about how the challenge works here it is ..

Although I haven’t done any running I did do 1000 burpees this week so that was an “easy” *cough splutter* 1000 points to add to my tally for this week, otherwise my total would have been pretty dismal.

The weekly ladder board is as follows

And the top three scores went like this …

  1. Me 2800
  2. Robin 1425
  3. Yumi 1000

And the monthly leader board is as follows …

Top three breaks down as follows

  1. Me 5700
  2. Robin 3860
  3. Oss 3115

I doubt I will make top three next week because I’m jetsetting off to Sydney to eat, shop and be merry but I am trying to get as much in as I can before then .. so we will have to wait and see.

Till next time

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