Happy Burp(ee) Day

If you are ever wondering what to get the epic adventurer in your life when their “special” day rolls around ..

< —– Something like this is sure to get the reaction you are looking for *squeals of delight*

My very own kettlebells and sand bag.  The girls are now worried that our epic adventures are suddenly going to become more epic than normal.  😉

To most people celebrating surviving another year on earth is marked with such as the singing of happy birthday, flowers, banners and of course cake (well in my case muffin) surrounded by m&m’s .. thankfully birthdays only happen once a year, I don’t think my waistline could handle it otherwise.

But when you are a Ludian birthdays also mean burpees …

It used to be that you did one burpee with a weight vest on for every year that you have been alive (which seems to be a tad unfair on all of us old folk) HOWEVER after a couple of the boys did 100

Anna (who is my birthday buddy) and I thought we would also give the hundy a go even though we were both shitting ourselves.

Anna was sure she would go down to the floor and be unable to get up and to tell you the truth I could see how that could happen to her, she’s only teeny! We also had another birthday buddy in the form of Simon join our “party”.

After the morning ludus session (which included 100 burpees) we donned weight vests found a spot in the gym where we wouldn’t get in the way of the 6:45am class and knocked out the hundred.

I was keeping pace with Simon (yay me) but you do have to remember that his weight vest is double the weight of mine so although I look cool keeping up its not really a fair playing field. 🙂

He was going for under 10 minutes .. my goal was to finish in under 20 and I did …


Not bad for an old girl! 😉

Anna had technical difficulties with her weight vest (eg she’s so tiny it wouldn’t stay on, they literally gaffer taped her into it!)

That slowed her down and she still had 35 to go when I had finished so I burpee’d beside her and helped her keep up her tempo.

Yes that’s how much I love her, I did extra’s voluntarily .. happy burp day Anna.

Here are my random thoughts on the hundy ..

  1. After doing a 1000 burpees in one go, 100 doesn’t seem “that many”
  2. It’s hard work
  3. It’s certainly the weirdest way to celebrate a birthday I have ever heard of!

Tomorrow morning is my final session in the arena before I head off on my birthday trip.  Four days without Ludus, I’ll get the jitters after two days .. addicted much?

Till next time

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