Monthly Challenge Round Up – July 2012

July came and went ..

I ran a bit – I ludus’d a lot – I ate much dessert and I even traveled across an ocean to celebrate the fact that I am just like a fine vintage wine, getting better with age (humor me).

Through out the month of July the FBs and I were chasing down points, climbing ladders and a few of us were sliding down the slippery slides (usually in regard to vegetable eating – see it’s even a problem getting people to eat vegies when they are grown ups)!  Although on a side note, did you know if you soak peeled carrots in water for 24 hours they become super sweet and juicy – tip of the month that one!

Anyway in case you have forgotten how the “game” worked here is the outline ..

Pretty simple really ..

Move to get points and ensure you eat some veg, drink some water and get some sleep – all that stuff they tell you are good for you in the fitness mags 😉

And the winner is ……..

Most (actually probably all) of those points were earned by running.  The one comment I heard that made this challenge totally worthwhile was when Robin said ..

“Apparently I can run over 15 kilometres”

She is gonna kill the Auckland Half Marathon!  On the downside (for her) it means she will also be on setting up the picnic area for the rest of us FBs (which is good for us) 😉

I came in second .. but not a close second …  I was more than 1500 points off the winners podium!  Ahh well at least I got my fruit and veg intake on track lets hope I can keep it that way.

Congrats to all the FBS especially Osovale who did burpees voluntarily to get points .. now that is dedication!

Till next time

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