Stop # 3* on Day 1 of the ACYD Camping Trip (and our basecamp for the weekend) was Turangi Climbing Gym.

How would I describe Turangi Climbing Gym?

Cute and perfectly formed!

Turangi Climbing Gym is a family owned and operated indoor climbing wall, run by Josh and Synøve Scottwell and they literally opened their home to us as the kids (and a few *unlucky* parents) were going to sleep inside the gym for the next two nights. The rest of the parents were going to sleep at the backpackers next door.**

I know if I was a kid I’d have been pretty stoked to get to sleep on the floor of a climbing gym with my friends – I was a little worried about Issy as she didn’t know anyone, however a couple of the Mums had asked their daughters to take her into their fold, so she was in good hands – after all, climbers do have pretty strong hands!

Even though the kids had spent hours climbing in Hamilton, they were straight back into it when we arrived in Turangi and while they did their team building exercises (which amongst other things, involved climbing blindfolded), the parents and helpers got to buddy up and climb.

I’ve got to say – I really liked the Turangi climbing gym, the middle section of the gym (which is the silo looking section in the middle of the building) was my favourite. The walls are high and I really enjoyed climbing there. They also have a 21 metre overhanging lead wall which I didn’t go anywhere near. The kids had a ball on it though ..

I did however find a SUPER EASY lead climb, which incidentally was called “Learn to Lead” which I’m guessing why even I could do it. 😉

All in all, although it’s not as cool as our home gym – it’s right up there!

Till next time

*Stop 2 was titled “secret swimming spot” on the itinerary – so I best not divulge. 😉

**Goldenfern Backpackers was awesome! I’ve never stayed in a backpackers before but I was uber impressed! If all backpackers are like this, I may not be so snobbish when it comes to looking for accomodation on future trips.

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