Re-visiting Wanderlust

I’ve had a few people ask if I enjoyed my Wanderlust experience and whether I would a) recommend it and/or b) return.

First things first –

My Wanderlust weekend would be completely different to someone else’s experience as the festival is set up so that you can attend the activities that are of interest to you and it’s not just various types of yoga on offer. There are talks on everything from Nuturing your life force to Sexing up your social media along with meditation sessions, running/hiking/walking through the forest and more music than you could possibly shake your tail feather at (or too).

So my pretties – Yes I enjoyed myself and I would probably attend another Wanderlust Festival depending on the location. I wouldn’t attend a Wanderlust Festival if it were to be held in Auckland (unless Auckland = Waiheke, or maybe Formosa). After all, at just over $100 per day for a multi day pass and nearly double that for a single day, Wanderlust is not a cheap exercise and I’d definitely want a full immersion retreat like experience somewhere visually stunning!

When you attend a Wanderlust Festival and see the facilities you understand why it’s an expensive event to attend and I’m glad to report that everything ran like clockwork thanks to the amazing staff and sea of smiling volunteers. I can envisage this event getting bigger and better with each year, so I’m hopeful it will include things such as aerial yoga, slack lining and barre’ in the not too distant future. I’ve been itching to try aerial yoga for so long now!

My Wanderlust Highlights;

Watching Issy work out how to hula hoop with the help of the team at Power Living and the aboriginal elder playing the didgeridoo during shavasana at Ana Forrests “Tame the pain” class.

My favorite Wanderlust class;

Without a doubt, hands down my favorite class was with Daniel Scott.  If you ever get the opportunity to practice with him …. DO IT!!

What I’d hope to see next time;

Along with the things I mentioned above (aerial, slack lining etc), I’d love to see some kind of kids club where you could leave your children to have fun, while you went off to do a class.   Even if it was only available for one session per day, at least it would give parents the opportunity to attend one class as a couple.   I would have been really interested in attending the acro-yoga classes with James but it wasn’t an option this time as one of us had to stay and keep our kids from killing each other entertain the kids.

Something to think about for you entrepreneurial child care workers out there.

My Wanderlust tips;

Don’t take the kids (or take a Nanny). 😉

Another tip if you are traveling with kids, is to ask for accommodation well away from the main stage area otherwise you are going to be in for some long nights with some very excited but overtired children.

Book your classes using the online scheduler EARLY!  If you are tossing up between two classes add both to your schedule and decide on the day otherwise you’ll have to stand around and wait to see if there is any room left in the class you want to do.

Take a wheat bag and a ball to roll out any knots .. yoga is harder than it looks!

Till next time





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