Lulu shorts & proof that boys are blind

I’ve been wearing Lululemon mid-length running shorts since I found their Turbo Run shorts back in 2012. The Turbo Run shorts were exactly the same as the Speed Short (a Lululemon staple) but the inseam was 2 inches longer.

Thankfully I loved them so much that I bought A LOT of pairs as Lululemon replaced the Turbo Run Short at the end of 2012 with the Groovy Run Short which although had the basically the same cut, because they didn’t have the side vent opening they tended to cling to my thighs when I trained.

Near the end of 2016 (after the Transformation Challenge that got my arse small enough to get back into those same shorts), I tried Lululemons latest mid-length running shorts “The Run Times Short” these were much closer in fit to the Turbo Run shorts and I purchased a single pair to work out and run in, just to check they fit as nicely while I was actually doing stuff as they did when I was just looking at myself in a mirror.

They did!

Because they are quite pricey (for a pair of shorts) I tend to wait until I find some in the “we made too much” section and snap them up then. Although if I really really LOVE a new release they I’ll buy them full price because they last forever. After all, I’m still wearing the ones I purchased 4 years ago, so if I work out the cost per wear they actually work out to be extremely economic purchase. #winwin

Yesterday what is possibly now my favorite pair arrived in the mail ..


Me – “James! Look! Aren’t these awesome?”
James – “Why did you buy the same shorts.”
Me – *looking confused* – “What?  I don’t have a pair like this.”
James *sighs* – “So what – you sold them on Trade Me already and then bought the EXACT same pair?”
Me – “WTF are you talking about?” *penny drops, goes off to bedroom*
Me – “Do you mean these?”
James – “Yeah, they look just the same.
James – “Well, I guess they are a little bit different”


Yes dove .. they look exactly the same, but just a little bit different – I often get black and mint green mixed up. 😉

Till next time





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