Day 10 – Hatha Yoga Happiness

Care less ..

Day 10 Hatha Yoga Happiness: Never take anyone personally with Fightmaster Yoga

Today’s topic/tool is to never take anyone personally. Many times we react to other people’s issues when there’s absolutely no need. We all have pain inside of us. Sometimes, someone will come along and trigger it with words, or a look or actions. If we didn’t have that pain already within us, the situation wouldn’t even bother us and the same it true for others. They have the pain of an old wound within them and we say or do something to trigger it. They lash out at us, but unless we’re deliberately trying to be hurtful, the situation really isn’t about us at all and there’s no reason to take it personally or to be hurt.

I’m still not convinced that I’m any happier on Day 10 and I was on Day 1, but there is no harm in hearing these “happiness reminders” each time I lay out my mat. Although some of the reminders do not resonate with me personally (such as don’t each so much shit) most do. In fact, I still find myself standing up tall because you can’t be happy if you’re all slouched over.

Just a wee head’s up – today’s practice is quite energetic, I found myself wishing for a child pose or two … 😉

High – Love the way this is a very energetic practice.

Low – Holy Legs!

Take Away – People can be shite.

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