Day 9 – Happy Hatha Yoga

Turn negatives into positives!

Day 9 Hatha Yoga Happiness: Turn a negative into a positive with Fightmaster Yoga

Day 9: Hatha Yoga Happiness is about turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts. In sanskrit, it’s called pratipaksha bahavanum. Our perception is our reality so if we choose to be focused on gratitude and happiness, we’ll feel happier. I don’t mean being in denial and pretending that everything is always great. I mean looking for the postive in a situation and remembering that the “seeming bad” many times leads to something good.

Thankfully no one is trying to take away my food today .. 😉

I’m a big believer in looking for the positives – I mean honestly, how would I have coped with the shit that went down earlier this year if I didn’t always believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason – even the shit stuff?

Always think positively people, even when all seems lost.

High – I loved the hip circles right at the start of the practice.

Low – Although I usually love an energetic practice, after a “long day” at the office after a long weekend on a bike – it was pretty hard going.

Take Away – Hip circles make you happy.

Till next time





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