Day 8 – Happy Hatha Yoga

Clear out the what??

Day 8 Hatha Yoga Happiness: Clean out the Fridge with Fightmaster Yoga

Day 8 of Hatha Yoga Happiness is about cleaning out the refrigerator and cupboards. We can feel happy if we fuel our bodies with junk food. For the rest of the 30 days, get rid of the junk. Try to eat only whole, organic food…nothing processed. Eat plenty of veggies, some fruit and drink lots of water. If this is new for you…you’ll feel really great (it may take a few days though, so don’t give up!)

I’m not sure what kind of people equate happiness with deprivation, but I am not one of them .. 😉

I came to Day 8 one day early because Day 7 was a meditation session and I just wasn’t feeling it. Thankfully today’s class far more energetic session full of twists of all types (which are helpful for good digestion).

High – It’s not meditating.

Low – Having to listen to a “lecture” about food.

The take away – Do more of the shit that makes you happy unless it’s eating … 😉

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