The Crossfit Open – 14.4 Announced

We all knew the muscle-ups were coming and Crossfit HQ had “leaked” a teaser that basically said 14.4 would be a chipper.

I for one wasn’t worried about the muscle ups, they had always been tacked onto the end of a workout and from looking at previous years I knew I wouldn’t have got to them before the time cap anyway.

This year is no different. As I was watching the live announcement and the WOD was being announced by Dave Castro I was rather excited. If you follow my blog you will know that I hate rowing and I’ve been dreading the WOD that contained the wall balls so I should hate this WOD but honestly? I don’t.

Something has come over me in my year of gratitude because I have much to be grateful for;

Firstly (and this is a biggie) – There are only 40 wall balls this year as opposed to the 150 wall balls in the previous TWO opens!


Secondly – I’ve actually been on the rower quite a lot in the last couple of weeks (I still suck, but at least I’m an experienced in sucking).

And lastly, I’m don’t suck at T2B and apparently many people find the movement difficult, so I’m hoping that will allow me to catch up after being last off the rower thanks to my short (but perfectly proportioned for me) limbs.

My goal was to finish the T2B and doing some wall balls would be a bonus (in terms of reps, not in terms of actual bonus since I hate those suckers).  Then Anna decided that we should aim for the cleans,  I think she forgets some of us have shorter limbs not designed that well for rowing and wall balls.  As a compromise my goal is to get some wall balls done and the bonus would be getting to the cleans – I have no doubt Anna will get to that point, the girl is a machine.

Anyway I was excited for 14.4 and then I got home, pulled out the concept 2 rower and “banged” out 60 calories ..

Now I’m not quite as excited, it’s gonna hurt, a lot!

Till next time




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