Crossfit Crushing

The first year that I followed the Crossfit Games was 2011 when a friend mentioned she was watching the Games online and said (in passing), every time I see Annie Sakomoto I think of you ..

As I had no knowledge of Crossfit at that time I had to ask Mr Google “who is Annie Sakomoto?”

In short (no pun intended), she is a 30 something Mother of 2 who started Crossfit in 2004 and went onto compete at the Crossfit Games as a team member in 2009 and then as an individual in 2011 and 2012.

When I found out who she was my first thought was “She reminds you of me? Cool!” then as I watched her throughout the games coverage I thought “I totally want to be her when I grow up” the woman had a 3 year old and finished in the top 10 at the Crossfit Games!

Annie is such a kick arse athlete that she is one of the original Nasty Girls and has a WOD named after her! Yes yet another reminder that I need to get on top of that skipping thing. How can I ever “be” Annie if I can’t actually skip yet 😉

So began my girl crush with pint sized (yet boulder shouldered) Annie and even to this day when someone asks “Who is your favourite Crossfit athlete” I always reply Annie even though she is no longer competing.

I’m not sure any female crossfit athlete could replace Annie (for me) so last year although I wasn’t as drawn to the female competition I did find myself cheering for Ruth Anderson Horrell the sole kiwi competitor in the Crossfit Games and Kristan Clever who gritted her teeth and carried on despite a somewhat nasty looking ankle injury. I’m always gunning for the under dog.

However the 2013 Crossfit Games were not a complete loss for me. There was the ever present can Rich do the three peat excitement but more importantly (for me), Ben Smith.

I had stumbled across an athlete profile video while trawling the Crossfit Games website one afternoon and instantly liked him.


Ben was humble, likeable, family orientated and as a bonus looked good without a shirt on, what more do you need to create a fan base. 😉

During the 2013 Crossfit Games, Ben did great in the pool, the burden run and the zig zag sprint, but didn’t fare as well on the rowing events or the legless wod (which is disappointing, since “all” girls have a thing for a man that can climb a rope legless) 😉

Going into the last 2 events (Cinco 1 & 2) he was in fourth place, a mere 2 points behind the immaculately styled Garrett Fisher – how does one keep their hair so immaculate during intense competition?  I mean honestly, he’s got to use more hair products that I do ..

Anyway I digree the Cinco events were scream worthy …

  1. Would Rich be crowned fittest on earth?
  2. Could Josh Bridges deadlift 184 kgs?
  3. Could Garret Fisher a Games rookie make the podium or
  4. would (my personal fave) Ben Smith pip him at the post?

And the answers are ..

  1. Yes
  2. Just
  3. No
  4. YES!!!!!

Incidentally Ben opened a crossfit affiliate six months after filming the “Day in the Life” video and he is the reason I don a Crossfit Krypton t-shirt when everyone else is in their Norcal Crossfit gear. 😉

Bring on the Games – I’m excited just thinking about it!

Till next time




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