The Crossfit Open – Over the hump

I’m over the half way point in this years Crossfit Open ..

My Open journey has progressed like this;

A) I’m NOT doing the Open
B) I’m going to do the Open wods BUT I’m not entering
D) I’m doing the open
C) Why didn’t I want to do this? ….

I will do a Crossfit Open review post at the conclusion of 14.5. I’ll share my thoughts on the open process, what (if any) progress I’ve made during the five weeks and probably most importantly the things I wish someone I had told me before hand.

Eg – Learn how to skip! Honestly if you can’t skip it’s probably the one thing that I’d say to spend time on, believe me, I’m paying the price.

But today I just thought I’d share a few things I’ve noticed ..

The open season started with a hiss and a roar! The box was packed with competitors and spectators, everyone was nervous but excited ..

Each subsequent week the level of participation has dropped, granted the second week had two movements that not everyone is proficient at so many did not even attempt the workout, but still, the numbers didn’t raise that much for 14.3 and there is nothing technical about lifting something off the floor.

I’m not sure if this happens every year though since I’ve yet to reach my crossfit birthday and this is my first open season ..

I hope we get an influx of participants on Saturday for 14.4. I was told the Crossfit Open was like a mini games every weekend and everyone gets involved and it’s been the atmosphere (and beating James) that has made it fun.

Looking forward I’m thinking they will save wall balls (100), burpees (100) and muscle ups (balance of time remaining) for 14.5.

So I therefore predict 14.4 will be;

AMRAP (20 minutes)
STO or Thrusters
Burpee Bar Hops

I’ll be tuning in Friday afternoon to find out!

Till next time





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