The Crossfit Open – 14.3 (the result show)

Thanks to the deadlift/box jump combo that was The Open 14.3 I’ve finally clawed my way into the top half of the field of both the Worldwide and Australian Masters Divisions (40-44).

I’m still quite way off getting into the top half of the Individual Women of World (56th percentile) and the Australian Region (52nd percentile) thanks to my skipping ability (or more accurately lack thereof).  My 14.1 score being so low means I’m now trying to play catch up.  I’ll give it a go though ..

Talking about 14.1 scores what I found most “amusing” about this weeks results is that I scored 105 reps in 14.3 (deadlifts and box jumps) but I only scored 104 reps in the so called “high scoring” skipping and snatches WOD that was 14.1!

I’ve REALLY got to work on my skipping this year .. 😉

I’m slightly worried that since I really enjoyed this last WOD that the next two Open workouts are going to suck big time especially since we have yet to encounter either wall balls or thrusters (two of my most hated movements).

I doubt Mr Castro will put those two movements together so I have no excited anticipation about the next two WODs only dread .. #sigh

Till next time





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