How convenient!

If you have been following my blog for any length of time you will know that I have some crazy arse friends who think running up and down epic sets of stairs is

A) Fun
B) Not hard enough and should include doing loads of burpees
C) Even then is not hard enough and should be followed by a chaser of shuttle runs.

So you can imagine I was not surprised when one of my friends (Anna) suggested that we should all do the prisoner burpee workout prior to attending Ludus.

The prison burpee workout is performing descending sets of burpees starting at 20. 20,19,18-1,0 however that is OBVIOUSLY far too “easy” *splutter* so why not add shuttles as well.

Our modified version which should be called “The mental institute prisoner burpee workout” went 20 burpees, 20 shuttles, 19 burpees, 19 shuttles till we either

A) Reached 0
B) Dropped down dead

The one and only one shining light in all this madness is that if I did not reach point B) I would make a sizable dent in the 300 shuttles that I had to perform as part of Challenge 300!

As instructed I turned up on a FREEZING Auckland morning at 7.30am

We used the 10m line on one of the rugby fields and went for it. I found it really hard going from 20-12 after that although I was pretty spent the small numbers made it seem easier.

Thankfully I’m pretty good at burpees so they gave me a far enough head start into the shuttles that I ended up finishing each set at the same time (or just ahead or just behind) as the runners because they caught up on the running legs.

If you are wondering what Sally is doing – she’s squatting because her shoulders farked and she can’t do burpees. See I am not the only one who trains even though they are broken. Actually most of us in the group are carrying some type of injury, Anna is even booked in for surgery on her knee this week!

We all finished in under 40 minutes (which surprised us) and yes I finished last .. as usual.

Would you believe me if I told you I was holding something in reserve for this …

No? Yeah I wouldn’t either 😉

When I saw the board I asked Joe if he realised that it was a one hour session, he laughed. Although he did admit AFTER the session that he thought that workout would take 90 minutes .. so I don’t feel so bad about the board beating me yet again!

When time was called I finished the exercise I was on (ball burpees) while the uncrazy people among us warmed down and stretched. Which means I did 2 of the 3 exercises in the 30’s (I didn’t do the bag burpees).

These two crazy arses finished the entire set of the 30’s

Unfortunately by the end of it my knee (yes yes I bet everyone is sick to death of hearing about “the knee”) was mightily pissed off with me but I have an entire 21 hours to rest it before I had to run .. It will be fine (or at least I hope).

Tauranga here we come!

Till next time

Till next time

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