The Ludus Challenge – Week 1 done

7 days down!

Training has been good but training has never been the problem for me .. it’s always been the food – eg I like to eat all the stuff that’s probably not “quite so good” for me.

I’m not going to say that it’s been easy to go completely cold turkey of all the food I’m used to eating .. BUT when I said “I’m in it to win it” I meant it – so apart from the TWO servings of steak this week (lol) I’ve done well on the eating front, even on Friday when I ran out of food and went off to work without any prepared breakfast or lunch I got some “clean food” that fit in with my plan made by Brett (owner of The Little Lunchbox).

I will admit that by Friday I was shattered and since the kids “sleep over” at Nanna and Poppa’s on a Friday,  (eg they sleep upstairs in their lounge) I went to bed and was sleeping like my babies never did by 7pm, which is lucky as I was back in the gym 12 hours later doing horrendous high rep weight training with my crossfit coach – because everyone needs some guns for their after photos – right? 😉

In short I was pleased with this weeks results – all my measurements are down and my weight has plummeted.

Now I’ve just got to keep my “eye on the prize” instead of the fridge ..

Till next time





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