The Ludus Challenge – Week two

It’s been two weeks – 14 days – 336 hours – 20,160 minutes or 120,960 seconds since my first official weigh in of the Ludus Transformation Challenge.

(Don’t worry I won’t break it down every single week – it was hard enough working out the calculations on just two weeks!)

Anyhoo – back to the issue at hand – the challenge;

Training is (as always) awesome bar the high rep weight training sessions my crossfit coach has decided would be a fab idea to help “get shredded”, for those of you a bit confused as to why I still have a crossfit coach when I don’t actually do any crossfit, there is a very good reason (kind of).  Because it took me SO long to get kind of proficient (and I do mean “kind of”) in many of the crossfit movements, I decided to keep seeing my coach just so that I didn’t lose the skills that we don’t use so much at Ludus (like Olympic lifting or handstand walking) AND I like him – not enough not to complain constantly – but still …

My food has been IMMACULATE!  I know, even I’m shocked!  I’ve never been great at “dieting”.  Even when  I was bodybuilding and preparing to stand in front of a tonne of people in a micro bikini I never ate as cleanly as I have been during this challenge – yeah I know it’s only been two weeks and I’ve still got a long way to go BUT I’m still going to give myself a “well done you, pat on the back”.   I put a lot of it down to the fact that these days when I’m trying to lean down, I eat real food – I don’t eat anything out of a packet, unlike when I was bodybuilding and lived on protein bars, protein shakes and all that other “healthy” and expensive shite.  In fact I haven’t had a protein bar since I did my first Paleo Challenge back in July 2013 and to this day I still tend to lean towards a more paleoesque type diet – I’m far from a strict paleoite though, after all in my opinion every burger should come encased inside a bun. 😉

Because my weight plummeted so much last week, this week I was just aiming for the number to be smaller and I’d try really hard to be happy with anything other than an increase. I’ve been tracking my measurements (chest, belly, waist, hip and thigh) and they were all down so I’ve been constantly telling myself “at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what the number on the scale is. You’re smaller and getting smaller is way more important than the number, that’s why we threw our scales away – remember?”

I can’t believe how nervous I was about this weeks weigh in, I mean seriously who gets nervous before stepping on a scale!

I’ve really got to back myself more .. (which is a strange thing to say about the person constantly telling everyone she is going to win). 😉

Till next time





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